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Consider the weights of 18 month old boys in the u. Now you just need to enter the important numbers into the calculator in order. Ti84 plus silver edition using the colorcoded keyboard. The probability distribution function pdf would be useful to graph the normal curve in y, but shadenorm already does that. Gettingstartedwiththe ti84plusce graphingcalculator. The ti84 plus is a graphing calculator made by texas instruments which was released in early.

While probability distributions are standardized so that they can be calculated by hand, it is much easier to find them using a graphing calculator, such as the ti84 plus. Ti84 plus ce guidebooks texas instruments us and canada. Using the ti 83 84 to find the mean and standard deviation from a frequency table duration. This ti84 plus graphing calculator series is meant to be an instructional walkthrough that covers some of the most. Significant digits notice that more significant digits are available with the ti84 than with a normal distribution table in a textbook. Usage for any normal distribution with mean and standard deviation if x is a. The keys on the ti84 plus are colorcoded to help you easily locate the key you need. This is a tutorial on how to find quantiles of a normal distribution graph using the ti84 plus ce graphics calculator. Contents importantinformation ii usingyourti84pluscegraphingcalculator 1 keyfeatures 1 usingthekeyboard 2 turningtheti84plusceonandoff 2 usingtheti 84 pluscekeyboard 3. Binomial and normal probability distribution ti 8384 everett. How to do probability distributions on a ti84 plus. These instructions will work for the ti83 and ti84 families of.

View online or download texas instruments ti84 plus ce getting started. Getting started with the ti84 plus ce graphing calculator texas. We find the standard deviation of a distribution by using properties of the normal. Open distr by pressing 2nd and vars to launch the probability distributions menu. In this video i provide a tutorial on how to calculate the probabilities associated with a normal distribution from knowing the mean and the. The keys along the right side of the keyboard are the common math functions. Easy steps plus video of how to use the ti 83 normalcdf function. Students compare the t distribution to the standard normal distribution and use the. Ti84 plus ce graphing calculator applications customize your learning with ti84 plus ce graphing calculator applications. The screen then shows normalcdf and you can put in the variables from here. The addition of applications extends the functionality of your calculator, allowing you to perform specific math and science functions and deepen your understanding of concepts. According to published growth charts, the average weight is approximately 11. We calculate areas on the standard normal curve and use areas to find cutoff values zscores.

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