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It connects directly to your europa or supernova tester and is fast to upload and download. Due to licensing restrictions we are not able to hire out the download software. Seaward electronics pac 3760dl testing kit with printer and labels pat tester. Seaward supernova plus us tool and pat portable tester. This set includes a usb data lead, and instruction manual tailored to suit the foilowing pat testers. The seaward supernova elite is a range topping pat tester with a very advanced functionality thanks to the built in rcd tester, 110v transformer and flash tester. The seaward supernove elite portable appliance tester is ideal for industrial applications. Ive updated the seaward supernova download software. Patguard 3 is an easytouse software program which enables you to record, store and report on a range of health and safety requirements including pat testing, risk assessments and other workplace test and inspections. The seaward supernova elite pat tester includes a builtin rcd test and has preprogrammed test sequences, user help screens and a builtin lead limit calculator.

The most advanced dualvoltage tester available and can fully test any 110v or 240v appliance. Europa plus, supernova, supernova plus, supernova elite. Seaward patguard 3 health and safety pat software pat. The downloading capabilities of this tester can be utilised to their full extent with the addition of seaward patguard 3 elite software which has smart downloading, uploading and analysis capabilities. This intro gives you brief overview of patguard 3 pat testing software and how to get started using it. The first screen to appear on your pat tester will be the main menu shown below. Seaward supernova serial download lead is compatible with the seaward supernova pat tester and the seaward europa pat tester. Well, it seems the supernova has got an easyish to get at serial number. Two players vie to take over the sectors of a galaxy represented by a 6 x 6 grid. Tag photos to sites, locations, asset ids and test results. Patguard elite 2 uses windows based management of information so it is easy to learn how to use it. Seaward patguard 3 elite software, 1 year subscription. Licence options download free trial support already own the software. Seaward patguard 3 elite is compatible with any downloadable seaward tester.

Thanks to the incredible download ability of the supernova elite, the wait is over before it has barely started. Downloading into patguard 3 using the apollo series. Downloading a supernova europa into patguard 3 seaward. How to download from the supernova to patguard 3 youtube. Patguard 3 the ultimate pat testing software with health and safety reporting. Considering its price range it comprises of many useful features, such as being battery powered, rcd testing capabilities and is printer compatible. There is no denying it this is the most comprehensive, useful pat tester on the market bar none.

Before going any further, make sure your pat tester is connected to your computer using the supplied cable only use the cable that came with your pat tester. Seaward patguard 3 pat testing software instrotech. We provide both manual software that can be used with any pat tester, widely compatible downloading software, and manufacturerspecific software with. Its a true dual voltage pat tester that can be used in both 110v and 230v environments. Seaward supernova elite pat tester seaward supernova plus. Search for the download data that you would like to download across to. A range of tests are provided, with innovative features to aid difficult test situations, which allow testing of a wide variety of equipment. If you need to do a test, rest assured, the supernova plus can do it, including flash testing and dual voltage capability. Seaward supernova plus tester earth bond lead flash probe 115v adaptor uk only dual serial port adaptor instruction manual patslite software disc computer download lead 2. Pc,barcode reader, braincell scanner and printer connections are all taken care of. This is why we have a number of repair options to suit your requirements.

Download and upload data tofrom compatible pat testers upload only available on some models intuitive user interface with quick access to all functions. Brand new version of this deceptively simple, yet nailbitingly addictive, game from paul secular software. The seaward supernova elite is a professional portable appliance tester that provides dual voltage testing, flash and rcd tests, memory storage and results download. Superfast download no waiting for information to download. Electrical safety test equipment manufacturers seaward. The seaward supernova elite is therefore ideally suited to industrial use. The seaward supernova portable appliance tester is a powerful tool to assist in the analysis of the safety of portable electrical and electronic equipment. The ultimate pat testing software with health and safety reporting. Rugged, transportable safety tester and result storage. Read the operating instructions fully before conducting any tests. Hi all does anyone know of any software to download the results without all the bells and the annual cost of the patguard 3. On your supernova scroll down to download results 11. We pride ourselves on the quality of our repair service and understand the effect a faulty machine has on our customers production. Seaward patguard elite free version download for pc.

Supernova firmware update utility software updates. As you might expect, the supernova elite has ports and plugs galore. We have 1 seaward supernova elite manual available for free pdf. Sign up to our mailing list today to stay up to date with the latest industry news and information from seaward.

The free data logger software allows to easily and quickly download test results. Hello, can anyone tell me where i can get an instruction manual for a seaward nova pat tester not supernova hard copy or download. A bluetooth and serial printer suitable for the seaward apollo 500, apollo 600, primetest 300, primetest 350 and using the. View online or download seaward supernova elite instruction manual. The pac3760 dl is one of seawards basic appliance testers that offers userfriendly operation and a great value option.

Seaward patguard 3 health and safety pat software sku. Select the download options as shown in the video 12. Seaward supernova elite manuals manuals and user guides for seaward supernova elite. The seaward supernova serial download lead is frequently used with usb serial adapter. If you fold the keyboard down into its user position then look into the left side of the cable storage area 110v socket side stuck to the inside of the casing is a sticker with the serial number on it. You can find all of our testing solutions on our dedicated rigel medical website. You can now create a file with your company details. A quick unboxing and first look at the seaward test n tag elite. Open patguard by double clicking the icon on the pc 2.

Seaward supernova plus us tool and pat portable tester at the test equipment depot. Seaward electronics pac 3760dl testing kit with printer. The seaward supernova plus pat tester is the most comprehensive automatic portable appliance tester on the market. When sending data from the seaward to the serial port all the test results show up in the lcd display but nothing arrives at the laptop. Download seaward supernova or europa pat testing software. Pat training software can be used to organise, save, and analyse test results as well as producing professional reports for the end user. Seaward supernova plus pat, bosch flexidome camera and 2 x videx vk8ks units. Buy seaward supernova plus pat tester ireland powerpoint. This tool was originally designed by seaward electronic ltd. Seaward patguard 3 elite software infinite licence pat.

Seaward supernova elite dualvoltage pat tester with flash. The seaward supernova serial download lead can be purchased as 99 way or 925 way download leads. Patguard elite 2 uses windows based management of information. Elite software database record keeping software seaward.

Patguard 3 pat testing software free trial available seaward. Downloading data into patguard 3 pat testing software youtube. If you need to do a test rest assured the supernova plus pat tester can do it, including flash testing and full dual voltage capability. Results storing for superfast download dual voltage functionality includes flash and rcd trip time tests view product most popular content. This information can be downloaded directly to pc and interacted with further using seawards software sold separately.

Any seaward supernova users out there want to test some. Seaward europa series seaward supernova series seaward it seaward pat series. We manufacture and supply medical device testing equipment including electrical safety analyzers to patient simulators to healthcare professionals across the world. The seaward supernova plus pat tester can store over 5000 tests which can be downloaded to the seaward patguard software management program. When the 4th edition of the code of practice was released, the emphasis was put back into the use of risk assessments to determine test frequency. Seaward supernova elite kit b featurs a oneyear licence for seaward patguard elite 3 software which enables downloading and uploading to the tester. An introduction to patguard 3 pat testing software youtube. Locations and test sequences of equipment previously tested and saved in a pc using seaward pat software. Compatible with our powerful management software, patguard, the supernova plus provides a complete electrical. To upload data into the supernova elite, connect the serial port of the tester to an appropriate port on a pc using the pc download test lead supplied with the tester.

Unsubscribe from seaward electronic ltd cancel unsubscribe. The changes were minimal and a free software download update would have sufficed for existing customers but i guess making a little more from existing customers may have been the reason for not doing so. Seaward has made significant progress in the development of easy to use pat results testing software programs that help users build and maintain efficient electrical safety test records no matter how big or small the organisation may be. New software specially written to download pat tester results to a computer. Welcome to the seaward group youtube channel where you can watch videos based on our group products from seaward, clare, cropico, rigel medical and solar. Out pat mobile app enables those using manual testers to record pat test data and send it to a computer. Downloading data into patguard 3 pat testing software. In the main menu scroll down to download results and press ok or yesstart to select that heading. Seaward patguard 3 elite 1year licence subscription 400a910we distribute software from seaward with official seaward licence we are a seaward.

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